Which Day Ticket in Hamburg?

travelercard_hamburgA lot of Hamburg-Visitors may ask themselves:

Which day-ticket should I buy?

The Hamburg transport association („HVV“) offers a large and perplexing diversity of tickets. Due to that fact a short recommendation for all Hamburg travelers:

  • Single travelers buy a 9am-Day-Ticket („9-Uhr-Tageskarte“) for the fare zone „Hamburg AB“. The ticket costs € 6,40.
  • From two persons it is profitable to by a 9am-Group-Ticket („9-Uhr-Gruppenkarte“) for the fare Zone „Hamburg AB“. The ticket costs € 12,00 and is valid for up to five persons.

All places of interest are located in the long-range and can be arrived by subway, city railway (the red trains), bus and even by the ferries on the Elbe. The ticket is merely not valid on fast-lane-buses („Schnellbus“).

The name 9am-Day-Ticket is originated by the fact, that it is not valid between 06:00 to 09:00 AM (commuter rush hour). On Saturdays, Sundays and on puplic holidays the ticket is valid full-time.

The Day-Ticket is valid to 06:00 AM the following day. For example: if you buy the 9am-Day-Ticket on Friday 10:00 AM you can get home from the Reeperbahn on Saturday at 05:00 AM in the early morning.